This is "The Beginning of LightingClan fanfic" story so far!


Wind whipped across the moor, rustling ferns and grasses. A full moon hung over the dusty star-specked sky, a cloud over it. The night was still and silent.

Suddenly the grass shifted unnaturally and a shadow slipped across the ground, not making a sound. Two amber eyes glowed in the darkness.

A small squeak. The shadow froze.


The shadow began to move, very slowly, paw-step by paw-step, towards it’s prey.

Time it just right and…


The mouse fell limp into the shadow’s unsheathed claws.

Suddenly the cloud drifted away from the moon and it shone right on the shadow, revealing a beautiful sleek black she-cat with amber eyes, a mouse in her jaws.

The cat whisked her tail and began to carry her prey away. She enjoyed night hunting, and a cool, clear night like this was perfect for it.

New territory. I wonder if I should finally stop traveling and settle somewhere. I’ve seen a million moors, forests, and twoleg-places at this point.

The cat sat down beside a clump of ferns and bushes and began to chew her prey.

Rustle rustle.

The cat looked up.

Merrrrroooooow! A shape leaped out of the ferns and knocked the black she-cat off her paws, causing her to drop the last of her prey. She hissed and unsheathed her claws.

“Get off my territory!” The shape hissed in the black cat’s face. The black she-cat managed to get her paws under the shape’s stomach and throw it off with a hissssssssss!

The shape was another cat, a small, scrawny gray-and-black she-cat with green eyes. The black she-cat stood her ground as she got up.

“What’s your name?” The black she-cat asked, preparing for the other cat to leap on her again.

To her surprise the gray-and-black cat just sat down. “Mist.” She replied, licking one paw and drawing it over her ear. “Your obviously new here, stalking across my territory like that. What’s YOUR name?”

“Lighting.” The black she-cat flicked her tail. “I didn’t know this was YOUR territory, and I don’t intend to stay.” Lighting picked up the rest of her prey and began to stalk off.

“Wait.” Mist called raising one paw.

Wondering if this was some kind of trick, Lighting turned around cautiously.

“Have you ever heard of ‘Clans’?” Mist asked, her green eyes wide and serious.

Lighting had never heard the word “Clan” in her life. “No. What’s that?” She asked, curious in spite herself.

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