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Hello, hello, and welcome to the LightingClan Wiki! I’m Moonpaw/stripe (often called Moons) and I’m the founder of this wiki and the creator of “The Beginning of LightingClan” Warriors fanfiction. This is my personal “online home” so feel free to chat with me here on my message wall or on this wiki. I post everything related to the fanfiction here, so have a look around! And if you want, request to be part of my “Clan” below!

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It's open only when a mod is available.

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Our Allegiances are below! 😀

LightingClan Wiki's Allegiances:

This is LightingClan Wiki's allegiances:

Moonpaw/stripe/star- jet-black she-cat with sleek silver stripes and dark blue eyes.

WARRIORS Ironthistle- silver tabby tom with light blue eyes

APPRENTICES Buzzardpaw- blonde she-cat with teal blue eyes and darker blonde specks covering her pelt.

Shadowpaw/cloud- black she-cat with brown flecks, one purple eye, one gold eye.

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